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Professional truck drivers are trained to handle their heavy trucks and cargo loads under adverse weather conditions. Too often, however, truck drivers are encouraged to stay on the road to meet their scheduled deadlines, even when conditions warrant pulling off to find safety at truck stops, until the weather clears.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act (FMCSA) provides guidelines and restrictions for truck operations during inclement weather. If you were in an accident involving a semitrailer or other commercial truck during inclement weather in Ohio, it is possible the driver violated FMCSA regulations. You may be entitled to seek money damages for truck company liability to cover your medical costs, lost earnings and pain and suffering associated with your injuries and financial losses.

Talk to an experienced Ohio truck accident injury and wrongful death attorney at Dennis Seaman & Associates before you talk to a truck company representative about your weather-related truck wreck accident. We have years of successful experience helping plaintiffs obtain the full and fair compensation they are entitled to for damages related to truck accidents. We are proud of our record of winning some of the most significant insurance settlements and jury verdicts in Ohio.

We Have the Resources to Investigate and Prepare the Strongest Case Possible

Truck driver negligence during bad weather isn’t a fact that truck company owners and insurance companies will admit. They will often do everything possible to blame the victim or undervalue the extent of injuries to the accident victims. Our attorneys have access to leading independent truck accident reconstruction specialists who can investigate the facts about the causes and results of the accident. If the driver was driving when the truck should have been pulled off the road because of weather conditions, we will prove it.

We are proud of our record of insurance settlements and jury verdicts in Ohio truck accident cases resulting from:

  • Weather-related truck accidents, truck driver error during bad weather
  • Brake failure, steering failure
  • Truck jackknife accidents, trailer decoupling accidents
  • Truck ride under accidents
  • Injuries from cargo, improper loads
  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Speeding, reckless driving, aggressive driving
  • Truck driver DUI
  • Distracted truck driver, texting while driving, talking on cell phone


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