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Nationally, cell phone use behind the wheel has recently been identified as a more dangerous problem than driving while impaired. It is estimated that one in four accidents occur because the driver was distracted. Although there are currently no criminal laws against driving while texting or talking on the cell phone in Ohio, the courts have ruled that drivers face a civil liability for damages if the distraction resulted in an accident that caused injury or death to other people on the road.

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If you were injured in a Ohio truck accident caused by a distracted truck driver, the Ohio truck accident attorneys at Dennis Seaman & Associates in Cleveland are ready to help you stand up to protect your rights. We give you a powerful voice for justice in the courtroom. Our firm is recognized throughout the region for our vigorous representation of people injured because of truck driver or truck company negligence. We are proud of our record of significant settlements and verdicts on behalf of people whose lives have been changed forever because of truck driver error or misconduct on the road.

Truck accident cases often require extensive investigation and case preparation to prove liability. It is not unusual for a truck company to delay justice for years, hoping the injured party will give up. We have the financial and professional resources to pursue your case to maximum justice.

We represent clients in Ohio truck accident cases involving:

  • Truck driver talking on cell phone, texting while driving, distracted driver
  • Over-tired truck driver, truck driver fatigue
  • Truck driver aggressive driving, road rage
  • Truck driver drunk driving
  • Truck driver mistakes on the road
  • Truck trailer decoupling accidents
  • Truck brake failure, improper truck maintenance
  • Weather-related truck accidents

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