Types Of Trucking Accidents

If a member of your family was seriously injured or killed in a trucking accident, it is extremely important to seek the advice of an attorney with the skill, experience, and resources to identify all factors contributing to the crash, and to prove to a jury the fault of those responsible.

Factors contributing to trucking accidents

At Seaman & Associates, our lawyers, when preparing a claim for injuries from a trucking accident, enlist the assistance of experts in accident reconstruction, life-care, and other technical fields to evaluate evidence regarding the accident claim, submit expert opinions, and serve as expert witnesses at trial. Factors our legal team will examine when preparing a case include the following:

  • Driver error, including negligence involving sleep-deprivation, poor training, DUI, speeding, and failure to watch
  • Overloaded trucks, recognizing that loading a truck beyond the limits it is designed for raises the risk of tire and brake failure and failure of steering and other operating systems
  • Load shifts that cause a truck to become imbalanced
  • Falling debris and blown tires on the road
  • Jackknife accidents
  • Underride wrecks
  • Rollover accidents
  • Poorly-maintained tire blowouts
  • Wide turns forcing motorists off the road
  • Side collisions due to a lack of proper lights
  • Poor roadway design
  • Cement trucks and other heavy trucks which are unstable as a result of poor design
  • Inadequate maintenance
  • Trucks pulled over for repairs
  • Wide turns without signaling as lanes are crossed
  • Forcing cars off the road

When investigating a semi truck crash, our attorneys are relentless, interviewing witnesses to the accident, those who can testify on the practices of the trucking company or truck driver, and those who have had problems with similar equipment; examining police reports and reports prepared by Ohio and federal transportation agencies; and looking for any evidence of fraud in reporting compliance with transportation regulations. Commercial trucking accidents usually result in catastrophic injury or death for occupants of a car or SUV – our lawyers will see that those losses are fully valued.

Protect Your Rights: Free Attorney Consultation

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