Emergency Room Errors

Legal Representation for Victims of Emergency Room Errors

Emergency room doctors must diagnose and treat patients with conditions ranging from car accident trauma to heart attacks. Since patients arrive with acute conditions, the medical providers must respond quickly. However, even though an emergency room doctor must act quickly, this is not an excuse to provide substandard care.

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Types of Emergency Room Errors

If a doctor fails to follow accepted standards of care in diagnosing and treating your condition, he or she is guilty of malpractice. Some of the most common types of emergency room errors include:

  • Failure to diagnose heart attack or stroke. If a heart attack or stroke is not timely diagnosed, the patient may not receive treatment needed to prevent damage to vital organs such as the heart or brain.
  • Lack of airway management. Brain damage or death can occur if doctors do not properly insert or monitor breathing tubes.
  • Surgical errors. If internal organs are nicked during surgery, serious injury can result for the patient.
  • InfectionsThese can result when procedures are performed in an unsanitary environment.
  • Medication errorsThese can happen when medical staff misread or fail to read a patient’s chart or medical history.

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