Failure To Monitor Patients Adequately

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After a surgical procedure or after a patient is admitted into a hospital for an injury or illness, it is critical that nurses and other medical professionals monitor that patient adequately. If problems are noticed, proper communication between nurses and doctors can help to treat the patient. Unfortunately, the failure to monitor patients adequately can often lead to greater damage in hospitals and clinics.

At the law firm of Dennis Seaman & Associates, in Cleveland, Ohio, our firm has more than 40 years of experience representing people impacted by medical malpractice. We have the knowledge and skill necessary to handle the most complex of malpractice cases, including those involving medical negligence and a failure to monitor patients. We will closely examine your circumstances to see if filing a claim is in your best interests.

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Malpractice From the Failure to Monitor Patients Adequately

Dennis Seaman & Associates handles many types of medical staff errors and failure to monitor patients properly, including those that involve:<

  • Proper supervision for nurses and medical staff
  • Post-operative care mistakes
  • Medication and prescription errors
  • Inadequate staffing
  • Poorly trained medical professionals
  • Surgical errors
  • Anesthesia errors

Unfortunately, many hospitals look to increase profits by limiting the amount of staff on duty or by hiring staff this is not qualified. These actions put patient health at risk and can cause serious injuries or death.

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