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Everyone who works around electricity or heavy equipment that requires proper grounding knows the danger of electrical shock burns and electrocution. The state and federal governments enforce strict electrical codes and licensing requirements for electricians for a reason. Any mistake in wiring or grounding can send high voltage through everyone who comes in contact with the equipment. Every year, hundreds of workers across Ohio suffer electrical shocks or death by electrocution in workplace accidents. A serious shock can do permanent damage to the tissue, muscles and heart. If the current is strong enough, permanent brain injury can result, as well.

Before you talk to anyone about your workplace electrical shock injury or any other type of work injury, see us about our complete legal services for workers injured in Ohio, including Ohio BWC claims and third-party liability lawsuits.

If you or your loved one in Ohio suffered a serious workplace shock injury because of defective equipment or negligence on the part of a subcontractor responsible for electrical work or maintenance, you are entitled to seek workers’ compensation benefits, as well as full and fair money damages from the liable parties. Contact Seaman & Associates as soon as possible. We are recognized throughout Ohio for our capacity to represent workers in every part of their workplace injury claims.

Are You Eligible for Additional Money on Top of Your Ohio Workers’ Compensation?

Yes, if you can prove negligence or misconduct on the part of the property owner, equipment manufacturer or licensed professional responsible for your electrical shock injuries, you may be entitled to additional money damages from their insurance company.

We have experience helping injured workers recover compensation for electrical shock and burn injuries resulting from:

  • Electrical box explosions and fires, electrical burns
  • Ungrounded cherry pickers and other equipment
  • Improper wiring, wiring in disrepair
  • Improper warnings and safety precautions
  • Lightning strikes

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