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A severe burn injury is more than just skin-deep. Third-degree burns and greater can result in muscle, tissue and joint damage that can require a lifetime of medical care and physical therapy for treatment. In addition to the physical scars, burn injury victims often suffer psychological wounds that prevent them from keeping their jobs or feeling comfortable in social settings. The full extent of physical, financial and emotional damages resulting from a catastrophic burn injury can never be fully measured.

If you or your loved one in Ohio has suffered a serious burn injury because someone else’s negligence caused an accident, discuss your case with an experienced personal injury attorney at Seaman & Associates. Our attorneysoffer extensive, successful experience representing clients in burn injury cases. We are proud of our record of recovering significant insurance settlements and jury awards in personal injury litigation for the most serious kinds of injuries. To prepare the strongest, clearest cases possible for maximum compensation, we work with the region’s leading independent medical experts and life care specialists.

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If you suffered a burn injury in explosion or fire at work, make sure you get straight answers about your legal options by first seeking advice from a qualified lawyer. Insurance defense lawyers are paid to help keep insurance settlements to a minimum. That often means they will employ strategies to cast doubt on the severity of the injuries and the extent of financial damages.

Is Your Burn Injury the Result of a Workplace Accident in Ohio?

If you suffered your burn injury in an accident on the job in Ohio, talk to us about filing for workers’ compensation benefits. You may be entitled to additional money damages from any third party that can be proven responsible for your accident and injuries. Under Ohio workers’ compensation laws, employers are exempt from further financial claims unless you can show intentional negligence. Our firm is a leading workers’ compensation law firm, and can help you seek full and fair money damages from all liable parties.

We have a successful record of fighting aggressively on behalf of clients who have suffered catastrophic burn injuries in negligence cases such as:

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