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Brain injuries can exhibit the most subtle symptoms, yet have the most profound impact on a victim and supporting family members. Even a minor concussion can result in lifelong memory loss and decreased capacity to handle daily activities. A person suffering a brain injury in an accident may be the last to realize it.

If you or your loved one has suffered a head injury in an accident in Ohio, talk to an experienced personal injury attorney at Seaman & Associates. We have extensive experience representing clients in brain injury cases involving complex neurological evidence. When necessary, we work with the region’s leading neurosurgeons and life care specialists in order to prepare the case and determine the full extent of medical care, rehabilitative costs, and diminished financial and social opportunities the injury will cost over a lifetime.

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If you suffered a head injury in an accident, don’t talk to an insurance adjuster until you have talked to us. Insurance defense attorneys know that medical evidence surrounding a brain injury is complex and easy to distort and minimize for a jury. We know the strategies they will use to confuse the issues in a potential jury trial. We come to the negotiating table prepared with the strongest, clearest case possible for a win in court, if the insurance company isn’t ready to negotiate in good faith about the full extent of your financial damages.

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If your Ohio brain injury accident was caused by someone else’s negligence or misconduct, take some time to discuss your legal options with an experienced personal injury attorney at Seaman & Associates. We have secured millions of dollars in insurance settlements and jury verdicts on behalf of people whose lives have been changed forever by a serious injury. We offer a free consultation.

Injured at Work?

If you suffered a brain injury in a workplace accident, you may be entitled to compensation beyond workers’ compensation benefits. Ohio workers’ compensation laws protect employers against lawsuits from injured employees except in cases of intentional torts. However, those laws don’t protect third parties found responsible for your accident and injuries. Our firm is a leading workers’ compensation law firm, and can help you seek full and fair money damages from all liable parties.

We have a successful record of fighting aggressively on behalf of clients who have suffered serious brain injuries in negligence cases such as:

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Our Cleveland brain injury lawyers represent clients in communities throughout Ohio. Contact us at 216-696-1080 to arrange a free initial consultation today.