Roof Crush/Vehicle Roll Overs

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Sports utility vehicles or SUVs account for a high percentage of roll-over accidents, but any type of vehicle is capable of rolling over in an accident. Bad weather or poor road conditions can increase the chance of this happening.

Many vehicles’ roofs crush a foot or more during a rollover accident in spite of federal safety standards. Roof crush injury can be prevented if the roof of your vehicle has been built to withstand the impact of a roll-over. An automaker may be held liable for catastrophic roof crush injuries or death if they have failed to provide adequate roof structures.

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Roll-overs and Roof Crush in SUVs

SUVs are unstable and prone to rolling over due to their high center of gravity and narrow construction. Inadequate side bars and roof pillars make matters worse. They cause collapse in rollover accidents — causing severe crush injuries including paralysis and death.

This combination — instability and inadequate roof strength — make SUV accidents a common cause of roof crush injury to drivers or passengers. In most cases, SUVs don’t have to follow the full extent federal safety regulations on roof strength because of their weight.

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