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Multiple car accidents usually happen on freeways. It is difficult to avoid a pileup at high speeds. A single car can be hit many times and from many different angles during a multi-car pileup, causing diverse and severe injury. Because many people are injured at the same time, rescue and emergency medical care can be delayed.

Determining the cause of multi-car pileups is difficult for investigators. Finding who is at fault may be nearly impossible. Insurance companies will do everything they can to pay as little as possible on auto insurance claims. Having an attorney skilled in investigating these types of accidents is very important.

Don’t accept any settlement offers or make decisions that could have an effect on your future without contacting an experienced Ohio multiple car accidents attorney.

Decades of Experience Investigating Car Accidents

There is a lot going on after an accident, especially one involving multiple cars. Ambulances will take seriously injured people to the hospital. Insurance investigators will be taking pictures and measurements. Tow trucks will begin taking away all of the cars. Police officers will be interviewing drivers, passengers and any other witnesses.

Finding out exactly what happened to cause the accident is particularly important in multiple car accidents — proving who was at fault can be much more complex. The police will write a report, but the report may only cover basic information.

When preparing a claim for injuries from a multiple car accident, the lawyers at Dennis Seaman & Associates talk to witnesses of the accidents to determine how the accident occurred.

We often use the assistance of accident reconstruction experts to determine what caused the accident and use state-of-the-art technology like animation and video to convince a jury of what caused the accident. We also use the help of medical experts to show the range of injuries sustained in multiple car accidents and how each specific injury occurred. This helps to get an accurate medical diagnosis and treatment plan in place and also with determining the true cost of your injuries and losses.

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