Driverless Cars

Driverless vehicles are becoming the future for transportation on our roads. 

Tragically one of those cars Uber was testing recently struck and killed a pedestrian in Phoenix, Arizona.  As a result, Uber has halted its driverless cars which are being tested in San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Toronto, and the Phoenix area.  Until these problems are corrected we will still rely on humans at the wheel. 

The one benefit of driverless cars was the human element was removed from the decision making process of driving. 

Sometimes when people drive, they make bad decisions which can lead to tragic results.  If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident contact the attorneys at Dennis Seaman & Associates at (216) 696-1080to discuss your potential claim. 

Frozen Embryos

It has been just over a week and the realization that 2000 frozen embryos may not be viable is still sinking in to many women and prospective parents. 

What happened at University Hospital is a tragedy one that has forever dramatically changed the future plans of many. 

If you or loved one had a frozen embryo which was stored at University Hospital and was compromised you may be entitled to compensation. 

Contact the attorneys at Dennis Seaman & Associates at (216) 696-1080 to discuss your potential claim.

Spring Has Sprung!

We have reached the Spring Equinox which means that Spring is here, though the snow on the ground may have you believing otherwise. 

A change in the weather means a change in road conditions.  A change in those road conditions can lead to more motor vehicle accidents. 

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact the attorneys at Dennis Seaman & Associates to discuss your claim with an experienced attorney.

Update on Pain Management Doctor

Dear Clients,

We recently discovered that pain management doctor, Dr. Jerome Yokiel, is on medical leave and has temporarily shut down his practice.  As a result, he will not be seeing patients in the immediate future.  This will affect any of our clients who are currently receiving prescriptions through Dr. Yokiel.  At this time, if you are in need of a pain management doctor, we advise you to contact the Cleveland Clinic or University Hospitals to schedule an appointment with one of their pain management doctors.

For more information regarding this story please see the link below:

Is Governor Kasich Trying to Take Away Your Pain Medication

On Tuesday night April 4, 2017 Ohio Governor Kasich delivered his State of the State speech in Sandusky Ohio.  One of the most significant points he made was on opiate (medication) usage in Ohio.  He stated “That’s why I announced last week that Ohio is setting strict new mandatory limits—not voluntary guidelines—but legal limits on how many opiates can be prescribed for acute medical procedures: seven days of opiates for adults and no more than five days for children”. 

Attention Firefighters: Gov. Kasich Signs New Bill Extending Workers’ Compensation Benefits to Fire Personnel with Cancer

Firefighters are involved in life and death situations on a daily basis as they fight fires.  Unfortunately, while doing their jobs, they are exposed to many cancer causing materials that are expelled into the atmosphere from burning materials.  These toxins are both ingested and absorbed through the skin. It is a hazard that comes with the job.  Fire personnel have a higher rate of cancer-related deaths than expected.