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Every year in Ohio, thousands of hospital patients contract infections during hospital stays. Simple acts, such as washing hands properly, can stop infections from happening. Many of these infections are preventable, but unfortunately, cause serious medical conditions and deaths. If you or someone you love developed an infection in an Ohio hospital or clinic, it is important to hold that facility accountable.

At the law firm of Dennis Seaman & Associates, in Cleveland, our attorneys have more than 40 years of experience representing people who have been affected by hospital-acquired infections. In that time, we have recovered many successful verdicts and settlements for our clients. We stand with our clients by providing free initial consultations and contingency fees, which means that no attorneys fees are paid unless we are successful.

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Cleveland Hospital Acquired Infection Lawyers

Health care facilities that are looking to reduce spending and increase profits can take short cuts when hiring staff and when treating patients. These short cuts may result in:

  • Surgical infections
  • Postoperative infections
  • Urosepsis and urinary tract infections
  • Blood stream infections
  • Pneumonia
  • Staff infections

After you or a loved one has contracted an infection while in the hospital, after surgery or at another health care facility, it is important to know your rights regarding medical malpractice.

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