Do I Need a Lawyer to Handle My Workers’ Comp Claim?

The short answer is no.  An injured worker may handle his or her claim without the help of an attorney. However, unless you are well versed in the law you will be at a great disadvantage. The cost of workers’ compensation insurance to employers has gone up over the years. This has made employers more aware of the costs involved and has created a need for employers to fight claims more than they once did.  Without an attorney it is hard for the individual to battle both the employer and the Bureau.

Because of the complex and adversarial nature of the workers’ compensation system, it is important for you to know your rights within this system. It is far better to have these rights explained to you by an attorney who is advocating for your best interests, instead of relying upon the BWC or the employer’s representative to explain these rights to you. If you think you would benefit from this assistance, contact Seaman & Associates for a free consultation.