Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims

Your workers’ compensation claims may be denied for reasons that have nothing to do with the fact that you have a legitimate injury or occupational disease. At the law firm of Seaman & Associates, we have helped thousands of workers obtain benefits after their initial workers’ compensation claim was denied.

Why Was My Workers’ Compensation Claim Denied?

One of the most common causes of claim denial is a lack of proper medical documentation. If you are injured at work and go to a company doctor, you may not even be aware that a claim has been filed. Your employer or the medical provider may have filed the claim on your behalf.

Another reason claims are often denied is a misclassification of your injury. For example, you may file a claim for a back sprain that turns out to be a herniated disc.

What Should I Do if My Workers’ Comp Claim Is Denied?

After you receive a letter denying your claim, you have 14 days to appeal the decision. At this point, you should immediately contact an attorney to protect your rights.

Your employer won’t look out for your best interests and often actively participate against you. The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is basically an administrative body that does its best to follow the rules. The best person to advocate for your rights is your lawyer.

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