Defective Motorcycle Equipment

Defective Equipment and Motorcycle Accidents

A kickstand drops down while the rider of the motorbike is traveling down the freeway. A muffler drags on the pavement. A helmet fails to protect a biker’s head in a crash. A winch installed on an ATV catches on a branch. Riders and passengers on motorcycles and other recreational vehicles often suffer catastrophic injuries in these unnecessary and avoidable accidents.

Did defective equipment cause your motorcycle crash?

Lawyers at our Cleveland, Ohio, firm, Dennis Seaman & Associates have the skill, the experience, and the resources to help you recover fair compensation for losses caused by defective equipment on motorbikes and other recreational vehicles. If you would like to have one of our attorneys review your case please contact our Northeast Ohio office to arrange a free consultationabout your accident injury claim.

Some examples of dangerous equipment, either defective, poorly designed, or improperly installed in a way that results in equipment failure and serious crash injuries:

  • A kickstand that drops down while the motorcycle is on the road, or that drags on the pavement during a turn
  • Helmets, boots, goggle, or other protective gear that fails to prevent injury
  • Failed brakes
  • Defective tires
  • Defective windshields
  • Side bags
  • After-market equipment that is poorly designed or installed and interferes with operation of the motorcycle or rv

Depending on the circumstances, our lawyers may pursue a claim against the manufacturer of the motorcycle or ATV, against the after-market shop that modified the bike, or even against the seller of a motorcycle with worn tires or some other unsafe feature. Our firm has successfully recovered damages in similar complex and difficult cases, including the following:

An improperly designed winch bracket on an ATV caused a life-threatening spinal cord injury. Attorney James DeRoche handled this product liability lawsuit, recovering $650,000 for our client.*

Lawyers at Dennis Seaman & Associates have earned a reputation in the national legal community for setting standards in Ohio personal injury law. Our Northeast Ohio firm represents clients throughout Ohio, including the communities of Cleveland, Lorain, Akron, Canton, Painesville, Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Dayton, Youngstown, and Parma. We are also long-standing members of the American Association for Justice, and as such, we are connected to a nationwide network of attorneys.

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