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One of the most common consequences of nursing home neglect is a bed sore injury, also known as a decubitus ulcer, or pressure sore – an injury that is generally preventable. A bed sore that advances to later stages may eat through to the bone, leading to agonizing pain, infection, amputation, even death.

If you are concerned about or responsible for a nursing home, assisted living, senior-care facility, or home-care resident, it is important to watch for the development of bedsores. If you suspect negligence has caused an injury, and would like to speak to one of our Cleveland, Ohio, nursing home lawyers about the case, please contact our office to arrange a free consultation.

Bedsores are preventable and inexcusable injuries

A number of factors, all avoidable, can contribute to the development of a serious bedsore injury – poor nutrition, dehydration, failure to move the patient regularly, failure to keep an incontinent patient clean, and failure to treat an early-stage decubitus ulcer to prevent infection. Any of those factors may constitute nursing home negligence.

Many patients who are paralyzed, too weak to move, or otherwise bedridden never experience bedsore injuries. An air bed, a schedule of turning, frequent bathing, and frequent inspections for signs that a decubitus ulcer is developing, are some of the important measures effective in preventing the development of these pressure sores.

At Dennis Seaman & Associates in Cleveland, Ohio, our attorneys hold those who care for elderly and disabled residents responsible for providing the quality of care required of nursing homes under state and federal law. If someone you care about has suffered a serious bed sore injury and you would like legal counsel on how to protect the patient and whether to pursue a claim for compensation, please contact our Northeast Ohio office and arrange a free consultation with a well-qualified lawyer.

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