Brigitte Jones of Seaman & Associates Gives Away “Free Meals” at Thanksgiving

In collaboration with Blue Point Fitness, Brigitte Jones of Seaman & Associates joined the Mills, Thomas, Walker, and Bentley families and offered “take-out” Thanksgiving dinners in the Payne Avenue neighborhood.  These families gathered together and opened up their Thanksgiving table to those in need at a hall located at 3804 Payne Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.  They prepared a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner for their families and invited people in the surrounding neighborhood to join them by providing “take-out” Thanksgiving dinners. Not only did they serve meals to over 300 people, they also coordinated a collection of blankets, hats, scarves, gloves and toiletries and personally distributed them at local shelters. At Seaman & Associates, we are grateful for the generous contribution Brigitte and these families made to our local community.