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Medical payment coverage may be part of your car insurance policy. It covers the medical bills of the people named in the policy, up to a certain dollar amount. It is optional and you have to purchase it separately from your liability, collision or comprehensive insurance.

Are you unsure if you have Med-Pay? Contact our experienced Cleveland medical payment coverage attorneys. We can help you determine if you have this kind of coverage. Your insurance provider is not required to tell you that you have medical payment coverage on your policy. They are also not required to explain to you when it may or may not be a benefit to you to use your medical payment coverage. We will.

Three Things to Know About Med-Pay Coverage

1. Med-pay should only be used when there is not enough insurance available to cover your losses from an accident. Ohio’s insurance laws are set up so that people cannot “double dip,” – if you receive benefits from more than one insurer for the same injury, you have to pay one of the insurance companies back.

2. Medical payment coverage and your own health insurance policy should operate together, but you must be careful when healthcare providers submit their bills to your med-pay carrier. Medical payment coverage is generally paid at the billed amount, not UCR (Usual, Customary & Reasonable) amount like your other health insurance coverage. The insurance carrier you ultimately collect from will always reimburse you at the UCR, but if you have to pay back the med-pay carrier (see above), you will have to pay back 100% of the billed amount.

3. If you are pursuing a claim based on your own UM/UIM (Uninsured/Underinsured) policy and you use medical payment coverage, your own insurance carrier may try to lump your med-pay into the settlement. This is wrong – the med-pay portion of you policy is separate and you should be able to use your med-pay AND receive full financial recovery under your own UM/UIM coverage

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