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If your child has been hurt while riding as a passenger in a car, or being hit by a car while walking or biking, you want an attorney who understands the special challenges of handling injured children.

A lawyer at Dennis Seaman & Associates can guide you and your family through the legal process to a successful conclusion with full recovery for your child’s expenses today and tomorrow. Contact our Cleveland attorneys for children injured in car crashes.

There are significant differences between motor vehicle accident cases involving adults and children.

  • The statute of limitations for a child injured in a car crash doesn’t begin to run until the child’s eighteenth birthday. For an adult, the statute of limitations is two years. This means a child would have until his or her twentieth birthday to file a lawsuit.
  • Understanding the financial impact of injuries over the course of a lifetime can be challenging. A child who suffers catastrophic injury in a car crash may find the course of his or her life forever changed. Will she ever be able to live independently? Will he need special help succeeding in school? What will be the cost of medical care and personal care over the course of a lifetime? An experienced personal injury attorney will often work with a life care planner and/or an economist to understand the full scope of costs over the child’s lifetime.
  • Unlike adults, a child’s losses are non-economic because a child is not employed. Damages will focus more on the non-economic costs. An experienced trial lawyer can help you document what these losses may be.

In the horrible circumstance where you have lost a child in a car accident, we will assist you with your wrongful death claim.

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