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Legal Help When Cerebral Palsy Is the Result of a Birth Injury

Approximately half a million people in the United States live with cerebral palsy (CP). While some children born with cerebral palsy will grow up to live and work independently, others will require a lifetime of care.

Cerebral palsy is caused by damage to the part of the brain that controls sensation, muscle control, movement, coordination, balance, and cognitive functioning. It can be caused by brain injury at birth, later in life, or an unknown cause. Some children will have problems with balance and depth perception (ataxic cerebral palsy); others will suffer from involuntary movement (athetoid cerebral palsy), and still others will be stiff (spastic cerebral palsy).

Did Medical Malpractice Play a Role in Your Child’s Cerebral Palsy?

In most cases of cerebral palsy, the damage was done before birth and there is no known cause. In some cases, however, the child’s brain was damaged during childbirth because of medical negligence. It takes a trained medical professional to assess whether medical errors were made during labor and delivery, but parents may want to talk to an attorney about a possible birth injury case if any of the following occurred:

  • Pitocin was used to induce labor, especially if there was a uterine rupture
  • If labor was very difficult and ultimately resulted in a C-section
  • Monitors showed signs of fetal distress (a sign that the baby’s brain is not getting enough oxygen) and medical staff did not notice it or respond promptly
  • Mother and baby were not monitored during childbirth or the mother had been left unattended before it was noticed that the baby was in distress
  • The infant had severe jaundice after birth

At the Cleveland law office of Dennis Seaman & Associates our attorneys have decades of experience proving cases in which medical malpractice caused cerebral palsy or other birth injuries. We are one of the largest, most established medical malpractice and personal injury law firms in Ohio. We have the staff, the resources, and access to the medical experts needed to investigate your birth injury claim and to prove malpractice to a jury.

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